shrek eassy



By Emma Quenneville


Shrek: The Musical was phenomenal  because it had good actors and good props and had very good costumes.

The hight school students put on the Shrek: The Musical and it was directed by Mr. Jim Dunlop the musical was all most based on the movie . The actors and the props went with the musical  to make it like you were watching the movie.


What I liked the costumes because they looked very good but they reused costumes from the previous plays . I liked Shrek’s costume because I did not know how they got him to be so green . What else got my attention was Fiona and her dress  and how they got it to look like the one from the movie .


I liked the acting because for a high school production it was very good  because they did not have to ask for what their line was. They  know their lines and they stayed in character threw the whole thing. My favorite character was donkey because I thought that she did a good job for the part that she got.


I thought that the props were good and I liked how they went with the scene as well. I liked the dragon because it looked like the one in the movie and when the arm fell off they did not stop the production they picked it up and went along with the production.


In conclusion  would rate the play a 2 out of a 5 because it was a musical and I would have preferred  if it  was just them speaking.

week 9B

I think that Alyssa should get nominated because it is an amazing blog beacause she gos out of her whay and do more then expete then she puts hear on things on thare then she puts amazing vitos on her blog .

week 9 part a

by Emma



One day the three best friends Emma and Alyssa and Julia went to the park to get some exercise and to play. They were having fun.

Then they  saw Nicole the (meanest girl in school). Next they heard Nicole started to talk about Alyssa and Julia . The three girls looked at each other and thought they should go home. So they were on their way to go home.

And then it happened…

Nicole came up to them and said ‘’what are you guys  going ‘’?

Then they said nothing so she hit Alyssa in the face then the girls started to yell at each other. So they snuck out  and went home . They pretended like nothing happened.


Week 8

What maks a grat post is whan  you do use lots of detal

What makes me read over my post because I need to look over my spelling and make sheer I have caps .


You can let utter people look at yours and to leave a Leak for tahrs .

week 6

In my family we  do  nothing  special ,  but we don’t  eat any   thing  from are  grate grate grandparents   we eat food from   Canada.
also we do not have everything forum are grate grate   grandparents but we also do not know much bout them.